Are you licensed? Yes! The owner of our company has an unlimited homebuilders license, which includes a roofing license.

How do you protect homeowners from liability?
We carry workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance. If anything were to happen during your roofing project, you can rest assured that we are insured. We also require safety equipment for our roofing crews while they are working on your roof and all The Roofing Dudes employees have criminal background checks performed and are required to pass a drug screen.

Are you insured? Yes. We have general liability and workers compensation insurance.

What happens if my yard is damaged? If we damage your yard (we have processes in place to prevent such damage), rest assured that we will make it right by repairing the damage.

Is there anything homeowners need to do before the roof is replaced? Yes, you'll want to make sure anything that could fall off the walls you'll want to remove those. If there's items in the attic that could be damaged from falling debris as the roof is being installed, you'll want to remove or cover such items. We will not be responsible for such damages.

Do you service mobile homes? Yes, we do though sometimes we have issues with re-roofing older mobile homes due to it being a membrane. Contact us and provide the age and photo of your mobile home and someone from our team will assist you.

2100 Southbridge Parkway

Suite 650 PMB 2558

Birmingham, AL 35209